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Her account was soon overflowing with fans’ comments, praises and encouragement.Once established in the internet community, Lea did not turn back.Join our Tinder dating site for free now, and enjoy endless amounts of fun and adventure. This was inspired by a comment that I received from one of my reviewers. Sue did not miss seeing everyone turn to look toward her and Jack once he said those words."Yeah, maybe leave Knucklehead behind this time."Levi looked up and whined reproachfully."Hey, I'll get you a hot dog or doughnut or something to make up for it," Jack told the golden retriever. Jack and Sue laughed."I wonder how much he really understands," Jack pondered."A lot! Then we have an hour to eat and an hour to get to the stadium, park, find our seats, and all."The threesome had reached their parking spaces, conveniently right next to each other."Sounds good! She walked over to the door and answered it."Hi, Jack." Jack was standing on the doorstep with a bouquet of daisies."Hey, Sue," he said, holding out the flowers. She said 'okay'.""Then let's go."Despite Levi's valiant attempts at leaving with them, Jack and Sue got away alone and soon arrived at a new restaurant Jack suggested that they try."It isn't fancy, but I thought you might like it," he explained. But like all magical moments that happen in the real world, it had to end. Sue recovered herself, then said, "I should..."Jack nodded, " help you get your door." He got out and opened Sue's door."Uh, roses seemed a bit formal for a sporting event date, so I thought these might suit the occasion better," he said, almost sheepishly."Oh, thank you! "I love daisies - they are some of my favourite flowers and I haven't seen any for so long! Let me put these in water and then we can go." She held the door open for Jack, then went to find a vase to hold the white and yellow flowers. Jack waved his hand to get her attention, then signed, "You look beautiful."Sue blushed with pleasure. She had been unsure of how to dress, but had gone with a knee-length denim skirt and a light blue, casual blouse with a slight v-neckline."Ready to go? Levi tried to push his way past her through the doorway. It was called "The Macho Nacho", a restaurant known for its custom-made nachos. As he bent over near her, Sue, in an unusual boldness, leaned over and dropped a soft kiss on his cheek. She could not quite read his expression, but she thought that he was pleased.This is a glimpse at Jack's date that Lucy and Tara bought for Sue at the bachelor's auction. Disclaimers: I do not own the characters from "Sue Thomas: F B Eye". She blushed and Jack looked flustered too."Jack," Sue said softly, "We aren't dating.They belong to Paxson Entertainment and the Johnson Brothers. Also, this story was inspired by a comment from DD, one of my most faithful readers and reviewers! I was watching Cold Case the other day and you know when Jack is doing his interview thingy for the bachelor video and he says whoever wins him, he was gonna take to a football game. " Jack repeated."No, I don't," Sue said, sitting down in the nearest chair. It isn't allowed.""Well, you bought me so get this date.

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