Taylor kitsch and connie britton dating

R54, Taylor has given interviews saying it wouldn't be fair for him to date women because of his career in acting, being away all the time on shoots, etc., which is a cop out excuse to avoid coming out of the closet.

Yes R55, but the truly private ones might be inclined to lie.

may have closed the door on Eric and Tami Taylor (Kyle Chandler and Connie Britton), but thanks to Netflix, complete DVD packages, and obsessive Tumblrs, new audiences are being introduced to the world of Texas football every day.

And with a slew of big-time roles in the coming months, your favorite Dillon residents will never be that far away.

It's not like he's pushing the envelope by playing a happy, well adjusted gay man.

In a previous thread, there was someone who knew him from Austin (and at least seemed to be credible) who indicated that he was straight, but not sociable or someone who's interested in playing the Celebrity Dating Game.

Considering that he's played multiple gay characters (and Tim Riggins, while not technically gay, would've done anything - woman, man, goat..), I think he'd admit that he was gay if in fact he was.[quote] I think he'd admit that he was gay if in fact he was I don't buy this about any actor working (or trying to) in Hollywood.

The media isn't interested unless it's an A-lister who makes a spectacle of themselves, hello George.

The link has pictures of Taylor with his ex-gf, so he obviously isn't practicing what he's preaching.

Kirkier said he used to see him around Austin with a non-celeb gf.

The glass closet makes it too easy to have it both ways.

That "he's so cool, would come out if he were gay" line has been used before to describe James Franco, and I never bought it.

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