Technorati not updating posts dating love in slovenija

$rss_feed = apply_filters( 'dashboard_incoming_links_feed', ' hl=en&scoring=d& ie=utf-8&num=10&output=rss&partner=wordpress&q=link:' . trailingslashit( get_option('home') ) ); Note that when you upgrade the Word Press core in future, you have to make this change again, unless the Word Press development team switch back to Technorati, or you make a backup copy of and avoid the changed version to be overwritten, or, recommended, to use a plugin to replace with Google Blog Search with Technorati instead.

So, it’s simply useless and actually harms your blog if you ping whenever you update any existing post.

and if you edit your blog a lot then your blog will be banned from ping services because of excessive pinging.

While pinging there’s no way to show which post has been updated.

Since then they have received and serviced over 102,000 tickets with a passion to keep Word Press running smoothly.

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