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Our experts and I are here to help clear up some of the confusion.While my friend liked to exchange numbers around the first day of finding a match, it’s probably best to message him or her on the platform for a few days or a week before doing so.Here are the best ways to stay safe when using online dating: As mentioned above it’s important to stay safe when dating and using a white pages i Phone app to verify the identity of the person you’re meeting is the best way to do so.By using an app like this or running a quick Google search you’ll help yourself avoid catfish, romance scammers, and even violent criminals.It’s still a legit question, though: Almost anyone who has tried online dating has, at one point or another, shared their telephone number with a match only to regret it later. “sup” texts, the jackrabbit texts (“hey,” “hey are you there,” “hey did you get this?”) or just unwanted contact after ties have been cut, some people outlast their texting privileges and don’t know how to take “no” for an answer.Personal safety while using dating apps and sites was by and large rated as “very important,” with 80 percent saying it’s a major concern.

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When one of my friends connects with a guy she likes on a dating site, she normally exchanges phone numbers right away.

But who knows, by “over the phone,” people might have meant “via text.” For all I know, no one even knows that phones make actual phone calls anymore. Only 12 percent said they often share their number on dating sites, hugely overshadowed by the quarter who said they never do and 60 percent who said they do so rarely, which begs the question: Who, exactly, was tapped for this study? Of the group surveyed, 84 percent said they’d feel safer dating online if they didn’t have to give out their actual phone number, which I can totally get down with.

There are apps that disguise your phone number, such as Burner, Pinger, Text Now, Mustache (for texting only), and many others, but some of these all seem to have certain drawbacks (hidden fees, etc.).

In a new study of 384 people conducted by communications company Bandwidth, exactly this topic was analyzed, and they turned up some interesting results.

It seems as though phone-number–sharing regret runs deep, anonymous texting and calling might be the answer, and people are just looking for a connection.

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