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Risky behavior online can haunt a college applicant or job-seeker years later.

Many colleges and employers check online profiles looking for signs of a candidate's maturity — or giant red flags about bad judgment.

An image sent to a boyfriend or girlfriend could lead to problems if someone else sees it or it's distributed after a break-up. Talk openly about personal responsibility, personal boundaries, and how to resist peer pressure.

Conversations like this should happen often — not just when problems arise.

an unlucky number) ways in which women are systematically excluded from art textbooks, exhibitions, and literature.Explain, early and often, that a sent image or message can't be taken back.It can, and likely will, spread to others who weren't meant to see it.As they put it, "we discovered that the art world takes feminists more seriously when they use humor and wear a gorilla disguise." A prime example of the Guerrilla Girls' early work, this poster, distributed widely in Manhattan in 1988, uses wit and sarcasm to expose inequities of the art world.Poster - Tate Modern, London; Walker Art Center, Minneapolis At the end of the 1980s, contemporary art prices rose to astronomical heights.

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    While the procedures involved in gestational surrogacy may be more complicated than those in traditional surrogacy, it has When stepparents reside with their stepchildren and act as primary caregivers, they can initiate a stepparent adoption.

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    I am an intelligent, ambitious and spontaneous American woman who works in the medical field.

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    It's not necessary that we have all the same interests but it is very important that we share the same values.