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This behavior is controlled and limited by Apple's MDM platform.

Tip To display different images on the lock screen and home screen, create a profile with the lock screen image. Assign both profiles to your i OS user or device groups.

These settings support supervised devices running i OS 9.3 and later. Use these settings to show a custom message or text on the sign in window and lock screen.

For example, you can enter an "If lost, return to ..." message and asset tag information.

You may experience unexpected behavior when a profile with no image is assigned to devices with an existing image.

For example, you create a profile without an image.

This profile is assigned to devices that already have an image.

In this scenario, the image may change to the device default, or the original image may stay on the device.

For example, use a company logo on the lock screen.

You can add up to six items (apps and folders combined) for the device dock.

In the following example, the dock screen shows only the Safari, Mail, and Stocks apps.

Use these features to control i OS devices as part of your mobile device management (MDM) solution. Export creates a list of the Air Print servers you added. To add Air Printer servers, you need the IP address of the printer, the resource path, and the port.

This article lists these settings, and describes what each setting does. The following steps show you how to get this information.

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