The dating game goes wireless

Who is most likely to pass gas in front of the other first? Place a piece of banana into his hand and spin him around once.

Begin with the bride sitting in a chair while the groom is blindfolded.

Have the wedding party shadow the bride and groom while they are blindfolded to avoid any accidents. This is another wedding game for the reception that aims to place the bride and groom in the spotlight using one very simple prop: a blindfold.

since the bride is wearing all that lovely makeup, make sure to give the groom a food item that isn’t too messy or it may ruin her look and possibly her wedding dress too.

Now you will announce “This game is to show how much the new Mr./Mrs. I will ask you a question and you raise the shoe that you think best fits the answer to the question… This version tests the crafty wits of the groom and will bring just as many laughs from the guests as the original game.

alright here’s a practice question…”Right now, who has the most cash on them? Shake Shake Shake Want the bride and groom to lock lips during the reception?

Have the bride sit in the chair facing her bridesmaids…then have the groom remove both of the brides shoes. Rather than carrying his bride over the threshold of their new home, this bold groom is going to bravely perform a piggyback ride in front of all the reception guests! Give each a sheet of paper and a large tip marker (allowing seated guests to see the final products). Gather a group of willing guests who will instantly be transformed into the next Picasso. Inspired by the “Shake Shake Shake” game, guests will have to sing a few bars for the bride and groom to kiss. You can choose a theme, such as songs that contain the word “love” or songs from the 1980s or have guests sing for a certain amount of time. Other possibilities: Have each guest kiss the groom on the cheek; the groom must feel each person’s leg (particularly fun if there are a lot of men in the lineup! La La La La Love Song Liven up the wedding reception and get the guests involved!

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