The sims 2 dating nordic dating

GS: Are you rewarded better on a date using the date score?If you do exceptionally well do you get a bonus in the relationship?What we've done here is make some aspects of the relationship game easier if the conditions are really right--if the sims are attracted to each other, and the player is focused on making sure a date goes well.With each expansion we add a lot of new gameplay, and that new gameplay takes time out of a sim's limited life span, so we have to find new strategies that allow players to get through parts of the game more quickly so they have time for all the new stuff.

Will Nightlife affect University's gameplay in any way? Players will absolutely find new strategies for getting through the school years utilizing the new features and objects introduced in Nightlife. They can go downtown and check out the clubs and restaurants.

GS: One of the features introduced in the University expansion was the ability to manipulate other sims to do stuff for you, like your homework.

Will you be able to try to manipulate sims in new ways with Nightlife?

TL: This isn't really a big feature of Nightlife, as you aren't managing the day-to-day stuff differently, you're focused on a great time out.

GS: If you have both the University expansion and Nightlife, will you be able to have nightlife-style clubs in college towns?

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