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Periodically, a new version of the Ultimaker 3 firmware is released.To ensure that your Ultimaker 3 has the latest features, we recommend keeping the firmware updated.the lines in color are active while the lines in grey are comments. In that case the beginning of the line will be colored and the remaining part past « // » will be greyed. Comments are very useful in order to give a lot of relevant information about the specific meaning of each settings.Parameters are often defined following a « #define » keyword.When installing firmware over the network, the correct installation order is determined automatically.With all the devices on our networks that we have to keep up to date, do you feel we should also be updating the Firmware/BIOS on Printers? My take: I am not the type to go blindly updating firmware, been bitten with that one too many times in the past. While it makes sense for critical hardware with critical updates to make sure to keep those up to date.This can be performed on the Ultimaker 3 when connected to a network.Before you can update to the latest firmware, you must install an intermediate firmware version (4.3.97).

For more information on this topic please check the wikipedia page: Near line 194, you have the ability to enable/disable PID functionality.In this mode when the temperature is low, the Bang Bang mode will be used.Once the temperature is close to the target temperature (this can be configured in the settings) the PID mode will be used.This mean that the hot-end will be very fast to reach a temperature close to the target temperature, but it will slow down at the very end in order to avoid possible temperature overshots. 40W heater cartridge: If you have a hot-end with a 40 watt heater cartridge, you can lower down a little bit the BANG_MAX value.Here is an example used for the All In One hot-end.

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