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I’m sure I’ve heard more gunshots than most people do in a lifetime. We dated for a little over two years so for most of that time, I guess. This is going to sound really weird but these guys were sharp like they knew exactly what they were doing. And even with my boyfriend, it was hard to separate the person he was with me and with them, you know?I remember this one moment where I had to kind of take a step back and was just like “woah, what is happening? When I sat back down I realized how desensitized I had gotten to all this craziness. They knew what they were doing to do, what the next guy is about to do, and what move they’ll make a month from now. I mean this is the guy who would hold my hand at a movie theater!So I've been dating this guy *Luke for slightly over a month but I've noticed there's some inconsistencies.On our first date for example he had 4 phones all of which were constantly going off during the date.Also I remember him telling me that his car wasn't registered.

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Sometimes, I wonder what would have happened if I hadn’t gone on that walk. I mean I didn’t make it obvious to him at all that he won me over (laughs), he had no idea, but I swear he won me over. Some guy at the party said something dumb to his friend, and they got into a fight and I think he hit him with a bat. But it would be like selling weed or “E” or something like that. Can you remember anything anyone did to you personally that put you in danger?

If there is nothing to purchase you won’t hear from them. Now this is not to say that it won’t be great and good but at least 5 things from this list are bound to present you growly moments at some stage.

They may be nice to you, give you things and flatter you – don’t take it personally. It is easy to get hooked on the drama and intrigue. Dated a drug dealer and have something to add – love to hear from you.

Not joking, I know of four young ladies that are not with us anymore because of their association with a drug dealer as a boyfriend.

I wish you the best of luck and hope for your safety.

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