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Bella Swan accidentally cuts herself and begins bleeding in the Cullen household.

This causes a chain of events that are pretty dramatic.

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Its stars were catapulted into the international spotlight in a way none of them were quite prepared for, especially the franchise's leads, Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson.

This Twilight character was one of the main female character's best friends while she attended high school.

This character is one of the best friends of the main character in the Twilight saga. He's totally gorgeous, of course, but don't waste your time. Apparently, none of the girls here are good-looking enough for him." She jokingly said this but she was actually being quite serious.

What she did not realize was that she was speaking to the girl who would end up changing Edward's mind about all of that.

He is married to a woman named Esme, who is the motherly figure of the clan.

He has a good heart and a constant need to do things the right way and the way that is most just and fair.

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