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The code that I have so far come up with is : The connection must be opened before you execute a command.In the example above the command object will immediately be disposed and the connection object will implcitly be closed and disposed when you leave the using section.To update a record in any table it is required to locate that record by using a conditional clause.Below example uses primary key to match a record in employee table.Here's the code we used when we created that column: However, you might encounter the following error if you try to do that: If you encounter the above error, it's because your My SQL connection is running in Safe Updates mode.

If an update on a row would result in a violation of a primary key or unique index, the update on that row is not performed.

For account upgrade instructions, see Section, “Migrating Away from Pre-4.1 Password Hashing and the mysql_old_password Plugin”.

does not upgrade the contents of the time zone tables or help tables.

For upgrade instructions, see Section 5.1.12, “My SQL Server Time Zone Support”, and Section 5.1.13, “Server-Side Help Support”.

I have written some C# to update a My Sql table but I get an exception every time I call the method Execute Non Query().

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