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If problems do exist, then you can fix them by booting the system to the OS X installation or recovery volume and then using Disk Utility there to repair them, or running the diskutil commands listed above again but using "repair Volume" instead of the "verify Volume" command.To use the fsck command, you can run it with the following flags to perform the repair: sudo fsck_hfs -fy /dev/disk0s2 Keep in mind that when booted to the OS X installation or recovery drive, the "disk0" ID will likely now represent the recovery drive instead of the system's main boot drive.The following are examples of all three of these options: diskutil verify Volume "Macintosh HD" diskutil verify Volume Macintosh\ HD diskutil verify Volume disk0s2 diskutil verify Volume / When you run these commands, the system will check the boot drive and output status similarly to what is seen in the Disk Utility log window.The final option is to use the "fsck" routine, which is similar to the diskutil command and runs the same checking routines, but is a little barer.Since OS X systems generally have an EFI boot partition, this usually offsets the boot drive's slice number to be disk0s2.The third option is to simply target the root of the boot filesystem using a single forward-slash character.Apple recommends using diskutil whenever possible, but sometimes diskutil may show an error it cannot overcome, in which case fsck may be successful.To use fsck, simply run the following command at the OS X Terminal prompt, changing the volume slice ID to be that of your boot drive: sudo fsck_hfs -f /dev/disk0s2 As with diskutil, this will result in an output that checks the various formatting database files and shows any potential problems.

While periodic maintenance of your Mac is usually not necessary to keep it running in top shape, one exception is periodically checking your hard drive for errors.For the second command, VOLUME is some name that will target the boot partition itself, instead of the drive. The first is to use the name of the boot volume, which should be surrounded by quotes if there are spaces in it (or you can properly escape the space characters with a backslash before them).The second is to use the slice ID for the volume, which looks like the device ID, but with an "s1" or "s2" appended.If your Mac's hard drive is experiencing formatting errors, then the system may show slowdowns, failures to properly save or read data, and even file corruption, and eventually it may not even boot.Unfortunately, formatting errors can happen even if you've just been using your computer in a normal way, so even though your system may be running fine at the moment, it can only benefit from a regular drive check.

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