Updating kernel from source dating now cast

available in Clear Linux OS aim to be performant and practical.In some cases, it may be necessary to modify the kernel to suit your specific needs or test new kernel code as a developer.If you have a large number of patches or a more complex workflow, consider using a patch management tool in addition to Git such as Quilt.The kernel boot options are passed from the bootloader to the kernel with command-line parameters.If your change request is accepted, you do not need to maintain your own modified kernel.

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--enablerepo is an option to enable specific repository on Cent OS system.By default, 'elrepo' repository is enabled, but not for the 'elrepo-kernel' repository.You can check all of the available repositories on the system, enabled and disabled repository with the command below.While temporary changes can be made to kernel parameters on a running system or on a during boot, you can also modify the default parameters that are persistent and distributed with a customized kernel.After changes have been made to the kernel source and RPM SPEC file, the kernel is ready to be compiled and packaged into an RPM.

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