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o When using storage media that contains folders, the number of folder levels that can be displayed under Video (Photo), Video (Music) and Video (Video) has been increased.o You can now copy text using the on-screen keyboard.* Settings o [Audio Multi-Output] has been added as an option under [Sound Settings].o Music files that are saved on the hard disk or storage media can now be upsampled for output on the PS3™ system.

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* Friends o A list of messages that you have exchanged with a Friend can be now accessed from the Friend�s profile screen.You can use this feature to copy text on a screen from which the on-screen keyboard is displayed, such as the screen for creating a message under Video (Friends).* Network o [Information Board] has been replaced by [What's New] and contains a new design and new features.o [HDD Content Audio Language] and [HDD Content Subtitle Language] have been added as options under [Video Settings].* Video o You can now use the right stick of the wireless controller to perform fast forward or fast reverse operations during video content playback.

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