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To install the propellers, please refer to this video: https://

v=EKIj Zbpw V0E To install the propeller guards, please refer to this video: https://

Also, try switching channels manually in Image Transmission Settings.

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ND (Neutral Density) are used for daylight shooting.Please refer to the IOC section in the Appendix of the User Manual for more details.If the Remote Controller firmware version is lower than 1.3.20, update it to 1.3.20 using the USB interface (use either a USB flashdisk or USB SD card reader).There are 500m A, 1A, 1.5A, 2.1A mobile device chargers on the market While the Remote Controller charger and Intelligent Flight Battery charger have been integrated into one unit for your convenience, it is recommended to only charge one item at a time.We recommend that you never charge both items at the same time using the same charger.

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