Updating xml node using vb6

I noticed in article 822940 it goes thru the steps of limiting access to the default global address list. ...wireless router question from a dummy Have high speed internet. Also even though the computer says 802.11 a/g/n wireless I still would have to buy the the adapter that goes into the notebook? Off topic I don't suppose anyone can explain why I can read the messages in this newsgroup only via msnews.when I used to be able to get them via ?I would like to keep this intact and make it so the other sub domains are not listed in the default GAL. I know nothing about routers and the fact we have a g router it doesn't have an adapter needed for the computer to work. -- Return email address is not as DEEP as it appears Sounds like a question for blueyonder.What types of security precautions/measures to most of you usually take. Other than that, the only security in place is the users need to type in their username/password/domain. Is it a good idea to expose it in this way to the Internet? A few basic questions for a newb coming from VB6Hi All, Been away from programming for a while and just d/l'd the trial version of VS10 Pro and am playing around in VB. I've looked in the documentation, but the examples are more "technical" than I think the answers call for. I have a bunch of labels on a form that I want to write thru while iterating thru a loop. I wonder if I may ask some questions: 1) Data loss- Had a guy who upgraded from 1.2 who lost all his purchase history- that is not good. I would like to have just a tiny spce between the letters on lines above and below.I've noticed more than a few differences between VB6 and VB10. Does this happen with 1.3 or is it only a upgrade problem? Any white papers or step by step that you could send me would be great. It is going to depend on the size font or the font itself.The OLAP database is 1,000 rows deep and 13 columns wide. The row area has more than 65,536 items, or the column area has more than 16,384 items." I thought the there were only 256 columns in Excel And I thought that a pivot table could only display 8,000 elements from a ...Question on Article 822940We have created a couple of test domains in our envoriment.Hello, i have used the same code but i cannot get the output.

No response Using Excel 2003, a cube database (extension .cub) with a pivot table. When I expand all the levels, I get the following message: "Excel cannot display this Pivot Table report.Was wondering if that is the same case with a wireless n router? - Jon ------- Jon Peltier, Microsoft Excel MVP Peltier Technical Services Tutorials and Custom Solutions Tech.com/ _______ Jack Schitt wrote: when I used to be able to get them vi..OT - OFF - TOPIC Hola [email protected]; El gobierno Colombiano en su continuo inter�s de ofrecer oportunidades acad�micas y profesionales a todos sus habitantes y a todos los interesados en capacitaci�n ha preparado una de las mejores plataformas de educaci�n virtual, con cursos virtuales "certificados" con cero costo.Los invito a visitar la WEB del Servicio nacional de Aprendizaje, nacionales o extranjeros pueden acceder a una de las plataformas educativas gratuitas mejor estructuradas y pagadas por todos los Colombianos.Does anyone know whether i can login to MS CRM as Administrator to customize the forms?It currently says no privilege while clicking on Customize. you need to be granted the System Administrator role or, at minimum, the System Customizer role.

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