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Mc Dougall also has a strong opinion about Jobs’s earlier trials with painful kidney stones, which he declares were not kidney stones at all, but misdiagnosis of a diseased pancreas. Those organs are located close together in the body, thus easily confused by doctors less wise than himself.

Seems fructose provides the raw material cancer cells prefer to use to make the DNA they need to divide and proliferate.

Ehret’s peculiar brand of Vegan Think held the human body is an “air-gas engine” that runs well only on fruits, starchless vegetables and edible green leaves.

Soy and other legumes, according to this way of thinking, were to be disdained as mucus-producing forbidden foods.

Mc Dougall speculates that Jobs first developed cancer in his twenties, which might well be the case given that most cancers develop years before diagnosis.

But by that line of thinking, anyone diagnosed with cancer who has made it to mid life could be living thirty years past the initial cancer cell divide. it must have been bad luck — the equivalent of “being struck by lightning” or “hit by a car” — that caused Jobs’s cancer and fueled its progression.

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