Were paula abdul and simon cowell dating

of course they are Simon kissed paula then addmitted it in front of a million people that he liked it and that he would redo the kiss.i should know if their compatible because i had sex with Simon but we were not compatible (that's how i got pregnant bitch If you go on Google Images and type in Simon Cowell and look through a few pages of pictures, there is one of him and his ex-girlfriend Terri Seymour whom he broke up with because he is in love with Paula Abdul.Although their differences often resulted in extremely heated on-air exchanges and confrontations, Cowell says he played a major role in convincing Abdul not to leave the series.Whether I was sticking my head in the toilet or exercising for hours a day, I was spitting out the food — and the feelings.I always look for the good, the strength, the attributes and talent.I was a cheerleader for the Lakers [basketball team in Los Angeles] at 17 and became their choreographer and I never looked back Even as a little kid, I was born three months premature, I was 2. While the whole thing was supposed to be a joke, the segment still featured both of them getting disturbingly erotic by feeding each other strawberries and then kissing passionately and really awkwardly.He is also a producer of American Idol and many other countries Idol shows.

They were three judges at first : Simon Cowell , Paula Abdul and Randy Jackson . And after season eight Paula left and Ellen replaced her . the magazines say that Simon said,"i think i AM secretly in love with Paula Abdul" because of the way she looks/stares at him (same w/him sometimes).

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According to the article, Abdul said the medications made her "get weird" at times and that she suffered from physical withdrawal symptoms during her recovery.

But when she did show up, she sure seemed thrilled to be there, wrapping her arms and legs!

A remix album, Shut Up and Dance: I finally said, You know what, I want to and I'm going to make it a priority.

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