Who is donald glover dating

Here is all you need to know about the multi-talented star.Yes - Childish Gambino will be headlining the Friday at the music festival.DONALD Glover is an actor, singer and comedian who hit headlines with song This Is America, after its music video amassed ten million views in just 24 hours.But who is the Childish Gambino singer and Grammy Award winner who also starred in Solo: A Star Wars Story?) but, they say, we’re just going to point it out, as if just pointing something like that out could be a neutral act.

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You’re all invited to our staycation with @donaldglover and @rihanna.

You know we’re in the silly season of Donald Glover’s fame when you see ridiculous “think” pieces mulling over the bankrupt question: “What does it mean that Glover has a white wife?

” (They’re not married, so there’s that.) One of these writers actually wrote, “The fact that Glover’s longtime partner…

OK, so where does “This Is America” fit within that spectrum? Glover’s dances and movements through space are so of the culture.

Yes, he’s commenting on American gun violence, but more than that the video reflects the Kafkaesque nature of American blackness, where any calm moment could become chaotic—even if you walk into a Starbucks or out of an Airbnb.

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