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“You can’t stop anything, you have to keep moving and it’s all organised a long way in advance. Everybody was like, ‘I just want to see the finish line, I don’t care about anyone else.’ It became a toxic environment.” Yes, but they were superstars: himself, the guitarists Nathan Connolly and Johnny Mc Daid, the bass player Paul Wilson and the drummer Johnny Quinn were at the top of their game.

I would look in the diary to see when we had some time off and I would count the days.” He makes the rock and roll life sound like a prison. This was everything the band had wanted, back when they were down on their luck and wrote Run as a kind of desperate plea for something good to happen: “Light up, light up, as if you have a choice …” It worked.

Snow Patrol are about to make a comeback after a very long time away, but they are still one of the biggest rock bands in the world. That coincided with us coming off tour seven years ago. And I thought, ‘That’s another reason not to get involved with anyone.’ I didn’t want them to be with me in this mess…” And what a terrible mess he was in, it turns out as we talk in a deserted hotel bar in New York, ahead of an intimate warm-up gig at the Irving Plaza They are warming up to release and tour a terrific new album called Wildness, featuring songs as good as any they have recorded – but Lightbody admits it nearly didn’t happen. The story of how he got himself and his band back together is a fascinating one, involving a therapist called Gabrielle, a singer called Ed Sheeran and Monica from Friends. So on that last one everybody was in the middle of a nervous breakdown at some point.

Lightbody can connect with whole stadiums full of people, so why does he have nobody to connect with as a partner? We sort of swapped nervous breakdowns.” They had been together since their days at Dundee University in the early Nineties, and slogged away as a band for a whole decade without any success, before sudden global fame brought a relentless schedule.

Gary returned to the Music Department to speak with GCSE and A-Level Music students about his life in the music industry and is pictured with George Robinson.

Picture: Michael Cooper REPRO FREE 26/6/19: Snow Patrol’s Gary Lightbody and Jonny Quinn returned to their alma mater, Campbell College Belfast, as Chief Guests for the College’s 2019 Speech Day.

2019 marks the CollegeÕs 125th Anniversary and as Snow Patrol celebrate their 25th year it was a fitting tribute enjoyed by over 500 pupils, staff and parents at the East Belfast School.

2019 marks the College’s 125th Anniversary and as Snow Patrol celebrate their 25th year it was a fitting tribute enjoyed by over 500 pupils, staff and parents at the East Belfast School.

Jonny, who found his love for drumming during his years at Campbell as a member of the College Pipe Band, was treated to a performance from the College’s current Pipes and Drums.

I don’t want to narrow our focus."The focus is Northern Ireland, countrywide, across communities and divides. It’s strange and wonderful and it was passed down to me by my dear dad.

As a great man once said, ‘there is no them, there’s only us’."The foundation is made up of family and friends, including Gary's sister and best pal and he has named it after his surname in honour of his father. I’m proud to use it for something I have put my heart into.“We will be making donations to five or six charities twice a year.

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