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A lot has been written and said this year about the so-called “death of cinema.” But moviegoers with patience and diligence were rewarded handsomely this year.Many of the best movies of 2016 popped up in the year’s final quarter—and most of them weren’t the big titles that littered multiplexes and raked in cash by the hundreds of millions.

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As communication with the aliens gets stronger, communication between nations breaks down, and this man and woman are all that stand in the way of global catastrophe, yet the film never strays too far from Adams’ backstory as the mother of a young girl who died of cancer.

That’s maybe one of the worst plot descriptions in movie history, but it plays out in a cool, almost hypnotic way thanks to a top-notch performance from the world’s most interesting actor (Adam Driver) and the off-kilter but always on-point storytelling sensibilities of director Jim Jarmusch.

(In theaters, limited release) is an atypical alien film, and a breath of fresh air.

It takes a small piece of American history—one that everyone over the age of 20 remembers vividly—and contextualizes it with such thoughtfulness that it makes you rethink everything you thought you knew.

Seargeoh Stallone is an actor and son of veteran American actor Sylvester Stallone.

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