Who is ms dynamite dating

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My problem with it is this unquestioning approach to history where the legend is accepted and nothing is explored.

So perhaps it is a worthy film that sends Niomi Mac Lean-Daley (better known as Ms Dynamite) to Jamaica to find out more about who Nanny was and the history of the Maroons.

This was shown in primetime on BBC2 but really the approach is a bit more suited to being on during the morning as part of school's programming.

She berates the owner of the plantation by saying "personally, if it was me etc" in response to his balanced and logical view but yet she never says what she would actually do in his shoes and she ignores the terrible fact that all of us in the western world have the world we have benefited from slavery.

It seems easy for her to see it as a black/white issue with the whites holding the power to this day and she ignores the ongoing slavery in the world (that she herself benefits from) and the fact that exploitation and cruelty is not the reserve of the traders.

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