Who is soulja boy dating now

Nothing because there is only one soulja boy and he is the best and no one can become soulja boy no one can change who he is so whoever put this question you cant do anything because soulja boy is soulja boy and you cant do anything do be him. Her name is Destiny Chante Way, she has his last name. Holding on to the grudges that one's past left isn't a wise thing to do.Gossips: Blac Chyna is now dating rapper Soulja Boy Blac Chyna who is known for moving from one man to another has gotten herself a new boyfriend and he is no other person but rapper Soulja Boy.According to TMZ, Chyna and Soulja have been dating for more than a week, and the relationship blossomed on Instagram after they slid into each other’s DMs.Take it from Blac Chyna, who is the latest celebrity to hop into a relationship this cuffing season. Soulja is also the guy that confused teen drama Apparently, Blac and Soulja got together last week and have been building on a foundation that started on Instagram and, later, in Sean Kingston's penthouse.They also attended the Kid Super Grammys afterparty on Sunday and, I guess, kept building on that foundation mentioned a second ago.He used to be Soulja Boy but changed his name to Soulja Boy Tell Em due to a rapper already having the name Soulja Boy.

This should be an interesting relationship to watch.Sources close to pair added that Soulja Boy and Chyna finally met up at Sean Kingston’s L. penthouse last week, and things got heated in a good way between them.The rapper also took to Instagram to share photos with Chyna at some Grammy parties they attended together.As of 11 September 2015, Soulja Boy appears to be dating NIA RILEY.This is discussed in this VH1 Article, which also indicates Nia Riley's friend "Nas" is also having an on-again off-again relationship with Soulja Boy.

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