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Derived from the biological classification method Linnaean taxonomy, Word Press taxonomies are used as a way to group posts and custom post types together.Word Press has two very popular taxonomies that people use on a regular basis: Categories and Tags (Read: Categories vs. You can use custom taxonomies to create custom groups and bring them under one umbrella.If you want to create a taxonomy like categories where you can add a parent and child term then choose True, other wise choose false if you want terms to be added like tags.Third option is to associate this taxonomy with a post type and last option is whether or not you want to add terms automatically, choose none. Lets assume that you are creating a taxonomy and calling it Topics.We will use two methods to create custom taxonomies.

Here is how you can display the terms you added to a custom taxonomy on your single post page. Let us know how you are using custom taxonomies on your websites?

Go to Settings » Custom Taxonomies to create a new taxonomy: The first part of creating a custom taxonomy is giving it a name, which needs to be all lowercase and no weird characters.

The second option is whether or not this taxonomy will be hierarchical.

Many people think of Word Press as a blogging tool, mainly because it has posts, categories, tags, etc.

What most people don’t know is that all posts, categories, tags, can be replaced by custom post types and custom taxonomies.

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