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You deserve better, and you can’t win someone over with your winning smile and scintillating conversation if they’re just not in the ‘relationship zone’.And to the culprits, I say this: playing the game with no plans to follow through is dishonest and unfair on those sincerely searching for love, who waste valuable time and emotional energy on a dead-end.This is the kind of guy Demi Moore considers a worthy love interest.You know, maybe Ashton just got too mature for her.

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As Christians, we’re called to treat people with kindness and respect, and to handle each other’s feelings with care.

Yesterday we heard the story that Demi Moore’s daughters were urging her to let go of her long-over relationship with Ashton and to move on.

We’ve heard for at least a year that she’s not getting over it, and during that time we’ve also heard that she’s either having serious problems with drugs or is still incredibly sexy, carefree and desirable to men half her age!

But spies say that Moore wasn’t with him over the holidays and instead spent time with her daughters at Lake Tahoe. [From The NY Post] This is Vito Schnabel with his dad, Julian, in February of this year.

Maybe he’s grown out of his “douche” phase since this photo was taken, but I doubt it.

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