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It is a perfect game for small children, even work well in an adult party.With a bit of improvement in the game, adult can have fun playing this game.The child who places the wart on the tip of the witch nose wins.

To make the game more challenging, chill the apple until it is time to play so people will have a hard time biting into it.Are you familiar with a game called “Pin the tail on the Donkey” because if you are, “Put the Wart on Witch” is the same.The only difference is that, instead of the Donkey the character use is a witch since it is Halloween.And for group bobbing, get a larger tub wherein all the participants can dive at once and try to get an apple first or get as many apples as possible within the time allocated.Other variation of this game includes the use of soft plastic balls and mini boxes instead of apples and tub, safer and less messy.

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