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In this sample chapter, author Nicholas Chase introduces Java by walking you through each concept as it arises.Learn how to install Java so you can use a parser to check your documents, as well as how to create a Document Type Definition for your data, analyze it, tweak it, and convert it to a basic XML Schema.Other features include conformity to XML 1.0; tracking of latest DOM and SAX specifications; programmatic generation and validation of XML; pluggable catalogs, validators and encodings; and customizable error handling.XML4P includes a collection of Perl wrapper objects that internally use their XML4C counterparts for high-performance, scalable and localizable DOM parsing.

Xerces-C is an XML parser written in a portable subset of C .

Overriding error() in addition to fatal Error() solved the problem.

Xerces (the name comes from the Xerces blue butterfly) is a set of parsers compatible with Extensible Markup Language (XML).

After reading around it appears the settings of the parser 'set External Schema Location' is able to hold a list of schemes but when I do this in my code, it doesn't validate correctly.

but f Error Reporter is null, so nothing is reported. UPDATE: This is Xerces-c version 3.1 Note I've read this but it doesn't seem to work with SAX.

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