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Data Bind(); i also have used the same coding prblm in the report calss will be when i have record count more than 0 after fill i have given the record count satatemnt which shows me 0 records the only thing thats different is i have taken ds = new dataset1() ---- this is wht was created durong design even i tried wit h normal dataset still i get teh count =0 then better check your Query(using to fetch records from database) use simple select * from tablename (for testing purpose) if count is coming 0 means no records in dataset.Over the past few years, XML has emerged as the new standard for data transmission, and its use is becoming more prevalent as companies continue to adopt XML-based solutions.This strategy takes advantage of the database concurrency and maximizes throughput.Another consideration when using Oracle XML DB is that the insertion time for a single XML file is generally limited by a single CPU's speed.As more organizations begin to enforce XML standards for all data transmission, increasingly complex XML formats are emerging.

Based on the file structure, performance objectives, available resources, and expected volume of data, the best option will vary.These options include unstructured, binary, and structured storage: The perception of the size and complexity of an XML document can differ greatly, depending on the organization.On one hand, for online transaction processing (OLTP) databases using XML for their electronic data interchange (EDI) or other transactional data exchange, a file with several thousand lines might be regarded as a very large file.In other words, having multiple processors does not help the throughput of a single document.For example, consider a situation in which a complex, single-rooted 700MB document needs to be inserted by use of schema-based storage.

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