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To this day, The Gospel Journey has sparked the most spiritually significant discussions I have ever had with a group of high school teeangers.

In fact, it was even an influential piece in shifting my own approach to youth ministry.

Note: Since I only write reviews on products I’ve actually used, each of these product reviews comes from my personal and practical experience from actually using them in ministry with teenagers, not just by looking at a box or flipping through some pages of material.

Disclaimer: Every ministry has different values and works with kids who are coming from different backgrounds in different contexts at different levels of spiritual maturity.

Set in mountains of Colorado, Greg Stier of Dare 2 Share Ministries takes a group of teens and young adults of various backgrounds (wiccan, atheist, agnostic, and others) on a journey through the Gospel.

It attempts to be a reality show, but even Greg admits it’s not really a reality show as we typically think of. The DVD sessions mostly consist of Greg teaching through the Gospel Journey acronym followed by very significant objections and questions by youth of other religions.

In addition to tons of great youth devotions, we also offer discipleship tracks for those teenagers wanting to really take their relationship with God to the next level.I’ve used this series a couple times and every group has been completely glued to Pastor Craig Groeschel, listening intently, and even answering his rhetorical questions out loud to the TV!Craig also has a book by the same title, Going All the Way: Preparing for a Marriage That Goes the Distance, which addresses this issue in more detail.The following reviews are only based on my own values and experiences.Your experience(s) may be very different from mine.

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