Zan dating

Zan often said that he needed women in the room in order to really be inspired. It was clear that he was calibrating his words to their reactions, not in the sense that he was looking for their approval, but in the sense that he was creating a connection with them, as he explained his thoughts on the nature of seduction, relationships, love etc. But that whole ‘picking up women’ took out all the curiousity, all the excitement out of a conversation and interacting with women…

I think in modern society most people have absolutely lost touch with their humanity and live in a “box” of mediocrity, and there are many sociological and psychological factors that contribute to it…

At last I have found great wisdom that will help me increase my success with women without the need to become a jerk, a liar or a manipulative guy- all the things that are not me.

I realized that when I focus most of my energy on my personal adventure or quest in life, getting this or that girl, doesn’t seem the most important thing anymore. I share many of the philosophies that you have adopted and created for yourself.

He teaches no trick, but those able to read will learn all of them. No “how-to…” or “10 steps to…”, but it helps you find the ocean of serenity and harmony that exists within you and that can flow outward, can seduce everything you desire, including women.

Being a musician, I have over the years heard a few musical performances that I consider to be life enhancing, almost life changing, in their profundity and depth of soul.

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